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 Cardinal Air Services, LLC is a company that focuses on quality and professionalism. Our goal is to continue growing and maintaining a client base which welcomes a service company that performs quality work. Cardinal Air Services remains competitive with other service contractors not because of price alone but rather quality and price, because doing a job once is always better and cheaper than a customer having to pay many times for sub par service. Where many companies have gone with slick and catchy advertising we remain committed to a simple, straight forward honest approach with our customer base. We believe in being relevant with new technologies that better serve our customers and will continue to educate employees of new advances in the HVAC/R trade.

    Want quality?? Tired of hearing your service contractor say, "It's fixed," only to have to call them out again with the same result? Give Cardinal Air Services a call and get the quality you want. Please feel free to search our company in the DPOR database for proof of appropriate licensing. Visitors here can use the DPOR link found in the "Helpful links" menu item in order to direct them to the DPOR website.


 Cardinal Air Services will inspect your equipment thoroughly to prevent unwanted equipment failure and to keep your equipment running efficiently.