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 Cross Connection Prevention 

Cardinal Air Services provides site analysis to help you properly establish legitimate cross connection prevention specific to your location. Identifying all possible cross connection situations and helping you to understand which backflow devices are suitable is key. Let Cardinal Air Services assist your business when it comes to testing, installing or repairing your backflow equipment. We will also submit all necessary paperwork to the local water authority for you.  

When it comes to cross connection just remember the following:  

·    Cardinal Air Services offers repair, replacement, testing, and certification of all types of backflow devices.   

·    Cardinal Air Services is licensed through the Commonwealth of VA.   

·    We can assist you with identifying where your building needs cross connection protection and what level of protection is needed to meet regulations.   

·    Annual testing is required of all backflow devices and forms are to be submitted with the local water authority that serves your location. Let us help you maintain safe and healthy drinking water within your community.   

Cross Connection Prevention  is your responsibility. Call and schedule to have your backflow device serviced.

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