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Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plans Available


The reduction of energy consumption for commercial buildings is a huge selling factor for today’s commercial HVAC contractors. It is without a doubt one of the common themes found in a sales presentation to the customer today. Bottom line...once the customer believes that the service contractor will save them significant energy savings, the finalizing of the sale is practically guaranteed. Is the customer really getting what they have been sold?

The only way for the customer to ensure it was not just a sales pitch but also a reality is to compare their utility bills taking into consideration rate changes that may affect cost. Once they have compared the before and after utility costs it will be evident as to what the customer is actually getting from their service contractor.

Fortunately, there are some simple truths regarding saving costs that are very simple to accomplish. Preventative maintenance plans that are custom designed specifically for the customer’s equipment type and environment is vitally important to immediate and consistent energy savings. Once a plan has been formulated and agreed upon between both the customer and service contractor the next step is to ensure that the service personnel are performing the maintenance as specified. This can be accomplished with unexpected visits by the customer on the job location, and also having an independent third party perform quality assurance checks after the service contractor performs a PM visit. Having forms for the service contractor to fill out really isn’t going to accomplish much, if anything, because if the service personnel is not performing the PM correctly...they more than likely will fill the forms out to reflect that the PM was performed correctly.

In a building with multiple employees having access to the thermostats it is always a good decision to install a thermostat with a lockable keypad. Do not install lock boxes as they can be broken, resulting in an additional cost of the lock box and employees still being able to adjust the thermostat.

In addition to installing thermostats with lockable keypads, replacing any and all mechanical thermostats with digital thermostats is a guaranteed energy saver that the customer will see immediately. A customer will typically see more savings in regards to thermostat replacement on heat pump systems that are 2 or more stages. The reason for this is due to the way the mechanical thermostats work for multiple stage operation. Mechanical thermostats can get "stuck" between stages for long periods of time which cause the system to run longer. This is because the bi-metal “trip” can find a balance point between stages causing the thermostat not to engage the 2nd stage. With a digital thermostat, stages are timed and will come on when needed.

Finally, for a customer that may own several locations, the use of building automation which allows the owner to remotely control the temperature and equipment use is always going to save costs. Once a very expensive endeavor, building controls are much more practical in relation to cost versus savings the customer will most certainly gain.

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