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Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plans Available

Today there are a wide variety of controls available for use in the commercial setting. Most of these control systems such as Novar, CCN, Metasys, etc are very costly for the customer. These control systems, while costly, are very versatile and dependable however most are not practical for a retailer or smaller business chain that may only have a few heating & cooling units per location.

Cardinal Air Services offers a much more affordable solution for those smaller businesses that want a more efficient way to run their HVAC equipment but do not need all the bells and whistles that many control systems come with.

CAS offers a web-based control system that will easily retrofit with your current HVAC equipment. We will install the gateway, or thermostat manager, and upgrade your existing thermostats to the needed thermostats allowing them to communicate wirelessly with the gateway/manager device.

With this control system a business with multiple locations can control the set points and lock out in-store employees that often carelessly run equipment too long or even forget to set back the temperature settings during unoccupied periods. By eliminating the need to depend on your business's in-store employees a business can gain huge energy savings.

The control systems offered by CAS for smaller business locations allow businesses to perform all the following tasks:

  • Adjust in store set points 
  • Lock or unlock thermostat settings. 
  • Monitor alarms. 
  • Set schedules. 
  • View in store temperatures.  
  • Remotely control HVAC equipment from a corporate location or from anywhere with internet access. 

Do not pass up the opportunity to lower your operational overhead costs by utilizing controls for your business's HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) equipment. CAS also offers service and installation for other building automation control systems such as CCN. Remember, Cardinal Air Services is "Your HVAC Solution".

"Your HVAC Solution